The African cashew - rainfed and drought-resistant - is the sustainable choice for great tasting dairy-free and vegan foods and drinks.


Naturally sweet, creamy and buttery cashews deliver an authentic dairy taste - low in calories, low in sugar. 


Taste-tested and approved for sweet and savory satisfaction, gently-flavored cashew milk is essential in living everyday dairy-free.     


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Evergreen Cashews believes in the endless possibilities to create delicious and nutritious dairy alternatives made with our cashews selected for quality and carefully roasted to bring out natural sweetness.    


We are committed to developing partnerships to bring to market more cashew milk products everyone can enjoy. 


“Creamy and mild, cashew milk is one of the closest in taste and texture to cows’ milk. It’s excellent in coffee or over cereal, and adds moisture and richness to baked goods.”

Whole Foods 

 Chefs & foodies agree cashew milk is the most superior and versatile plant milk.

Learn how to make cashew milk at home with our easy 3-step recipe.